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Magnitude 6.1 tremor rattles Rome, central Italy

A magnitude 6.1 quake struck central Italy early Wednesday, with reports of harmed structures and power outages close to the epicenter Rieti and occupants escaping their homes and running into the lanes. The tremor struck soon after 3:30 a.m. furthermore, was felt over a wide area of focal Italy, including the capital Rome where individuals in homes in the notable…


Deepika Padukone enters ‘world`s highest-paid actresses’ list

Jennifer Lawrence is the world`s most generously compensated performing artist in 2016 for the second year in succession, trailed by Melissa McCarthy, who scored a major addition to assert the runner-up spot, Forbes magazine wrote about Tuesday. Lawrence, the star of the ‘Appetite Games’ establishment, has earned $46 million preceding assessments more than 12 months to a limited extent from…


Not Your Business, Says Army After China’s Warning Over BrahMos Missile

After China cautioned India against conveying the BrahMos missile in Arunachal Pradesh, the armed force has settled on it clear that its choices won’t be impacted by Beijing. “Our threat perceptions and security concerns are our own, and how we address these by deploying assets on our territory should be no one else’s concern,” said top sources in the army….


Earth’s temperature dropped during solar eclipse

A study uncovered that the temperature of the Earth dropped amid a year ago’s overshadowing of the sun, Britain’s Met office has said. The Met Office on Monday said it was the first occasion when that satellites had been utilized to screen surface “skin” temperatures amid an aggregate sun based overshadowing, Xinhua news office reported. The exploration demonstrated the obscuration…